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    jbird7262 Guest

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    There are many members that have grasped hold of building a "cafe" style bike, and from the short time I have been on the site I have seen many different builds from the U.S. and abroad and most seem to be of good quality and are not just thrown together.
    This would be a continuous thread where people of like mind could post their builds or ideas, find other members, make connections, start new friendships , all based around a chosen style of bike that was popular overseas in the UK, The Ace Cafe, though these were a majority...British bikes, soon the Honda became the bike to build into the "cafe" racer, now people are using all major brands.
    Lets see if this will continue to draw a crowd. We are all GS supporters however we decide to reincarnate these vintage machines.

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    G-3 Guest


    I'm a newbie to the site, and I recently got a 78 gs 750.
    I decide to get this bike because of the bulletproof reputation of the motor!
    I have gotten so much enjoyment out of modifying this motorcycle to meet my vision of a café racer!
    As Gs owner's we are so fortunate to have the resources of the site for all our mechanical issues!
    I look forward to continuing to modify my motorcycle, and being able to bounce my ideas on other GS owners!
    If you are modifying a GS, I will gladly try and weigh in on any ideas or questions you have!
    There is a wealth of information on the site and you should use it to get your GS properly running before trying any mods!
    Remember measure twice and ask questions three times before chopping have fun!

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    jbird7262 Guest

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    G-3 Guest


    finally got the balls up to "try" putting on my pods
    0 to 3/4 feeling strong, WOT **** jets to big!
    O well 3ed times the charm, i hope

    After i clean up the wiring she'l be looking good!
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    GS-cafe Guest


    hey,. im in..

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    80suzukigs850 Guest


    Im in i have caught the bug am on my way to buying the bike i am gunna turn into a cafe

    What do u guys think
    Was sitting for a while the 5 years ago the owner got it back running and has been riding it for the last 5 years

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    Near South Park


    Way overpriced for a bike with a lot of wrong parts or missing parts. I have a better GS 1000 I could sell a lot cheaper.

    Life is too short to ride an L.

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    80suzukigs850 Guest


    What all is missing and are wrong parts and he said he would take 1000 for the bike

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    G-3 Guest


    Looks ok to me, long as it runs good.

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    80suzukigs850 Guest


    Thats what im thinking g3 im in the middle of kansas and its slim pickins. Yea it runs and rides.

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