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Thread: Bike useage vs your age...

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    I totally agree. I started out on these at 12, and had a 125 and eventually a 490 afterward. I've had a good number of Yamahas and Kawasakis. Fewer Hondas and Suzukis, but the Hondas' aesthetics always rang my bells (I still think the VF1000R I had is one of the prettiest fully faired bikes ever made, and I do love the CB900f a whole bunch-other than the wheels).

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    Quote Originally Posted by KEITH KRAUSE View Post
    Interesting that a manufacturer would voluntarily reduce a bikes power and allow a competitor to take the "fastest bike" crown. I wonder if the 5HP was the difference or if Suzuki had it locked up regardless?
    At the time there was discussion of limiting motorcycles in Europe to 100hp, countries thought anything over 100hp was excessive and dangerous and implied they would be prohibited. France followed up on it the rest of europe did not, Honda not wanting lose market share had already reduced the CBX by 5hp for 1980.

    Suzuki never reached 100 until the twin cam 1100 arrived in 1981, by then Honda transformed the CBX into a sport tourer. The 1/4 mile and zero-60 differences between the GS1100 and the '79 CBX came down to rider skill. Honda had also shifted it's direction.
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    Anyone notice this poll is from four years ago? heh
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