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Thread: Bike useage vs your age...

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    Am 66 and have been riding since I was 10. I started on a Honda 90 trail bike and living on a large ranch, rode it everywhere, even to the 2 room school. Licence at 16 and bought a 250 Dream which make a pretty poor trail bike and rode it to destruction. Bought a 350 and went on from there. Have been riding every year, some more than than others, and expect to do over 2000 miles for a rally.

    I own a boat load of bikes, but currently ride only 4, a TTR125 my local runabout to the neighbors etc., 919 for well sport riding, and my 850L and 1100L for tour and rally.

    80 GS 1100 LT, 83 1100 G "Scruffy"
    81 GS 1000 G
    79 GS 850 G
    81 GS 850 L
    83 GS 550 ES, 85 GS 550 ES
    80 GS 550 L
    86 450 Rebel, 70CL 70, Yamaha TTR125
    2002 Honda 919
    2004 Ural Gear up

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    I've had a lot of totally different rides in my 48 riding years, from Yammie 2 strokes to big Jap twins & fours, to Italian Guzzi's. After all that I end up riding a 1981 GS850G, bit of a beater, and my old 1984 Moto Guzzi California. The one I like the most is the one I'm on. They both do the same thing in a different way. I find neither lacking, but I don't dual purpose anymore, and I don't drag the pegs. Everything you've done in your life has led you to the point where you are now. Only complaints are bikes I wanted and missed out on. I am 68, and prefer to just follow the boys around.

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    Started on a trail 90 bought an sl125 preston petty fenders an a bassani pipe got up to a 250 elsinor then had 69 cb750 a 73 cb750 and then a dog but very clean 75 cb750. then later a cbr600f1 and a cbr600f2 also a fj1200 shortly now a 04 cbr1000rr and latest a 1979 gs1000.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjbmxer View Post
    Started on a trail 90 bought an sl125 preston petty fenders an a bassani pipe got up to a 250 elsinor then had 69 cb750 a 73 cb750 and then a dog but very clean 75 cb750. then later a cbr600f1 and a cbr600f2 also a fj1200 shortly now a 04 cbr1000rr and latest a 1979 gs1000.
    You didn't answer the age question.
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    I'm 31, rode dirtbikes in my teens, started street riding when I was 19 or 20. Before my motorcycle decided to stop running I rode it to work and for trips/fun. I ride off-road with my quad a lot also.

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    Been riding since I was 9 now 54. First bike 80 cc two stroke dirt. At 12 I got to start to build a triumph tiger into a 850 at my neighbors club house for my 16th(rode this bike for 25 years). Grew up in Milwaukee and never owned a Harley though family worked there... Lots of two stroke yamaha rd's, rz's and kawasaki's H1's and H2's. Got my first GS a 850 while living on St Thomas USVI. Have done a couple big off road trips. 3 months in Egypt on a TT500 following the Pharaohs rally route loosely, and a month in Honduras(all their roads are potted two tracks)
    Since moving back to the USA tried doing drag racing . I sucked, was never consistent and cost began to be prohibitive. Fastest was 160 mph(I backed off) on a 99 Hayabusa I purchased in Canada and drove back to Michigan. Traded it for a roof on my cabin in Iron River,MI and some cash(uncomfortable ride, had planned to ride it back to Florida). Currently own 3 rd400's one rd350, 77KZ650, 82GS1100G. I do 99% of my own work on my bikes. Do not do body work/paint or put tires on rims. I ride mainly mothers day thru to Nov. when the snow birds and tourist return to FLA. Then it is just back roads after 5 pm when they leave the roads for early bird specials and happy hour. I still like smoking the tires and popping wheelies though speed isn't that big of a thrill anymore.
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    I'm 59. Got my first bike, CB200, in '79 and rode everywhere.Even went two up camping to Paris on that thing. Graduated to Z650 and was doing a lot of miles. Eventually family and car arrived and with the kids getting older I hung up my helmet and sold the R100. By that time I was mostly going solo on short local runs in good weather. I had a lot of other committments both for myself and the kids and I started to notice I was getting slower or more chicken. The time had come for a break.
    Nest empty now and four years ago I bought the 850. The two of us are like teens again. She was really surprised that she enjoys it more now. We use it to get a coffee at the lighthouse or the boat locks on the river and the occasional 200 miler for a weekend away. 100 miles a week is average. Sometimes a week or two can go by especially in the summer with family and boats and fishing intervening. I probably do most solo riding in the winter months.
    We live in a Viking town. They did not have much time for car parks so if I need to see a couple of suits about paperwork or run a few errands in short order, nothing beats the bike.
    I like it when the girls at the supermarket checkouts ask me to remove the helmet for an age check buying alcohol
    I have been borrowing my son's 1979 KZ400. I like it. I think we forget that smaller capacity machines have a place. The 850 can be like handling a heavy boat in town traffic. The 400 is like waving a wand. Which reminds me. I promised myself a TS185 many years ago.
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    1. I ride strictly for pleasure--well, that and sanity. Always loved anything with a motor but I wasn't allowed to have anything "dangerous" until I was out on my own. As a teenager, a friend gave me a Honda 125 for $25 but I had to get rid of it the same day. Got my first real ride in '83. Brand new CB1000 Custom. Learned to ride when I left the dealership with it. I have a couple three and four hour routes in the hills east of here that I take to de-stress. I avoid the freeway and any traffic really.

    2. I'm 58.

    1983 GS1100ES (Bought July 2014)
    1983 GS1100E (Bought July 2014)
    1985 GS700ES (Bought June 2015) Sold
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    I'm 62 years old. I leaned to ride a motorcycle at ten, on a Suzuki 80 Hillbilly. I got my own motorcycle, a Honda S90, at eleven. My first street bike was when I was about 19, a 1969 BSA 441 Victor Special. I sold my car, and rode the Victim for most of a year to save up for a better car. I didn't get a motorcycle license until twenty six, on a Norton Commando I bought new, and did a lot of touring, commuting, and even entered a Mexican road race on it, in 1987.

    I bought a couple GS850Gs in '87 for my brother and I to tour on. I did not love them, but I certainly respected them. I don't mind running errands on the bikes, but commuting, the extra time it takes to gear up used to put me off. That said, I really don't commute from home any more, because I work at remote sites.

    I haven't been riding much lately, due to work, rental property, and playing with a Lotus Esprit S4 I bought about 2 1/2 years ago. A GS1000G suites me well. I keep the Samsonite trunk on the rack, and only use the bags on a tour. I like the comfort. I like the low and mid range power. My right hip isn't too good now, and kick starting Commandos with extra compression has probably contributed to that condition. Even Touring, I take pains to stay off of controlled access highways, so the lack of top end power my 1000G lacks compared to modern non-Harleys isn't a problem.

    I hope to have more time to get out there in the near future.
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    Good feedback on this thread. Beats the POTUS thread and new subjects coming up in the Vortex.

    I've only been riding since 2011 when I was 44 and started with a 2000/GSX-R750 (After I got my MSF course done)--that lasted 6 months and I sold the bike.

    Step in my "T" that I found on CL (Nov 2012) from Glenn Burnie, MD that was in the middle of a clutch rebuild. Took it to local bike shop I was referred to and low and behold it was a starter! (Compression test checked good). Found this site in December 2012 and been enjoying this place since!

    I enjoy reading about how everyone got into their riding so thanks for sharing your stories.

    My "T" has been sitting (Since July 2015) but waiting patiently as I have been preoccupied with my family/house responsibilities/work and my relaxing times in places that serve Craft Beer. I know that once I sort things out, I will concentrate on my bike and do my "Due Diligence" and get her safely prepared for riding. In the meantime, I have been increasing my post count with replies to threads that interest me. It's all good.

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