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Thread: Ulitimate Carb Kits

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nessism View Post
    This is what a set of 1000E/S VM26's are supposed to look like...
    Are they even that clean when they come from the factory??? Damn!

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    Quote Originally Posted by allojohn View Post
    Are they even that clean when they come from the factory??? Damn!
    don't think so, but i have never seen a brand new set ... those are gorgeous

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rijko View Post
    Showoff ! Those look fabulous !

    Since we're talking rebuild kits and details, i can see the relevance of you posting them here, so let me just ask ... i have not seen protruding pilot screws like that on Suzuki GS1000 26 or 28 mm carbs before .. are they original Suzuki parts ?

    Also, several parts like the 8 screws holding the carbs onto the backplate and the frames holding the idle adjuster and choke adjuster i have only seen 'brass' coloured.
    Was this beautiful but more silvery color also original for these carbs ?
    Or is this the lighting playing tricks on me and are they gold/brass color ?
    The hardware is zinc plated with a yellow chromate dip, which creates the "brass" look.

    The pilot fuel screws are aftermarket. The tips on two of the originals were jammed in the carb bodies. The extra section on the end is, I assume, for a plastic cap that Kawasaki used. The cap is a good idea and limits how far people can turn the screw. 1/2 turn on those screws makes a drastic difference and the caps limited travel to about that much.

    I'll give a special GSR discount on those carbs if anyone wants them! Honestly, they are one of the better sets I've restored. I do a lot of Kawasaki VM26's and they sell pretty fast at that same price point. The Suzuki carbs don't move nearly as quickly.
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