I'll replace all o-rings and oil seals in our auto cam chain tensioners and replace any parts that need to be changed such as springs or pushrods.

Carb cleaning:
Replace all o-rings from Cycle o-rings and any other parts needing to be replaced.
Complete disassembly and thorough cleaning with a 24 hour dip and compressed air blown through them and scrubbing/whatever is needed.
Float heights set to factory standards using digital caliper.
float needle and seats polished along with slides as well as giving everything a good look over to insure proper operation and specifications.

I also have some dyna s ds3-2 brand new unopened for a reasonable price. Definitely cheaper than some of the prices I've seen on a majority of websites. They come with 1 year warranty and everything. Don't mind holding your hand through installation either unlike some sellers that you'll be lucky to get a response from after payment.

Prices are negotiable, Shipping is customer's responsibility. Return shipping will be figured into the price. Initial payment for cleaning is to be paid before carbs/tensioners are sent to me any parts needing to be replaced will be authorized by customer and ordered by customer to be sent to my address if it has to be ordered. You may also send the o-rings along with the carbs too to further save on cost. This will save you money in the event you may find it cheaper than I do and you will be assured I did not price gouge you nor can you say I bought cheap products as you'll be the one ordering them. Basically cleaners, labor, tensioner seals and springs and o-rings are all I intend to charge you for unless there is some unforeseen issues that arise.

I have been working on small engines since I was a small kid with my dad. Rebuilt several 4 barrel holley carbs in my day. Owned and worked on dozens of 3 and 4 wheelers, lawn mowers, and tractors. I have tons of mechanical experience including building a '78 chevy short wheel base 4x4 on 36" tires from the frame up when I was 18-19 years old.

On a side note, bike stuff is not all I work on and can fix so don't hesitate to ask for me to work on something else if you need it done. I'm not the proud type so if I can't do it I'll tell you lol. I worked as a repair guy in a computer shop for a while also so there's not a whole lot about computers I can't fix either so computer repair is another service I can offer you if needed. I've built a few gaming rigs in my day so laptops and desktop repair is simple work. Tablet screens seem to break a lot too so I'm a bit of a pro at those repairs.

My main line of work is metal buildings/roofs and pretty much anything else that can be built with metal. I contract my own labor out but have tons of off time between jobs. Right now is one of those times lol. People blow their tax returns then business goes dead for a bit until the next one comes along. I'm the local "hey man can you fix this" guy when not on an actual job and thought I'd extend my services to you guys here at the GSR.

I'm fair with prices and always willing to negotiate so send a PM if there's something you think you'd like for me to take a look at. I understand being the new guy to the forum and all may turn you away but I guarantee you won't be disappointed in my work. Money back guarantee if the job I do is provably insufficient or wrong. I'll also document all work I do to ensure you the work was done and done correctly.

Text: nine 0 three two 0 0 ten thirty-nine ask For Brendan and mention this forum I'll call you back and we can discuss what you may need done.

I accept check, money order or bitcoin. Preferably a check or money order sent with the items you intend for me to repair. Paypal may be a possibility but as of right now I'm going to say no on that.