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Thread: Young woman crashed canyon riding…

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    Unhappy Young woman crashed canyon riding…

    Learned about this through youtube links.
    I'll let you think about, I think it's a sad accident.
    No I don't trust public roads for performance riding.
    I only trust the race track, medicals and friends close by!!!

    This is her video:
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    Nice looking woman, and somebody's little girl. I still enjoy canyon riding, although I no longer confuse bravery and luck with skill. I mostly just try to enter the turns where I think it is best, hit the apex where I think it is, and in general, be precisely where I want to be. You can't safely exploit the performance of a '98 Hyundai Accent on the highways, let alone a modern high performance motorcycle or car. I've done countless track days and autocrosses with cars, but never on a motorcycle. I bet it is fun. My condolences to this young woman's family and other loved ones.

    My first house was in Lake Smell some more, and I've ridden that road a jillion times. In my early 30s, I would sit at the Fire Station and sit on my Atlas Cafe waiting for a clot of 600 sport bikes heading toward The Lookout. I would set out after tham on my 50 hp antique, thinking that me knowing the road, and a chassis that won scads of GP races over decades would help me with the 50% horsepower deficit. Most of the straights are west of the Fire Station. I rode that road most Saturdays and Sundays in winter, and surfed Monday through Friday, when I was working summer projects in Prudhoe Bay. It isn't even as good of a road, and it isn't as good now as it was then. It is only convenient. You would be surprised at what cars my '68 Westfalia ran down in those days over that highway on Sunday Night and returning on Friday afternoon. The part of 74 from Hemet to Palm Desert is a way better road compared with the part between Lake Elsinore and San Juan Capistrano, but it is quite a bit farther away.

    My fiance owns 15 acres toward the south side of the Candy Store on that road, which is just west of a couple big turn I call the Carousel. Just West of the Candy Store, is a right turn, with a dip just after the entry, which for whatever reason, totally upset the stupid XJ6 I owned at the same time. Other cars I had, and every motorcycle, were not upset by it.

    Again, my condolences to this young woman's family and other loved ones.
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