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Thread: My gs450L starter motor does not respond

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    Maybe one last question here .... does the cam chain tensioner have to come OFF to reset and readjust tension? I couldn't compress the plunger rod very far inwards when I had it out and now wish I took it apart for inspection, etc.
    RTFM. The cam chain tensioner is self-adjusting. They are reliable and don't often need removal and "inspection", unless, most commonly, the shaft-lock bolt drips a bit of oil...There are many threads here about the cam-chain tensioner....
    use shop manual and Search to clarify. There IS a way to reset the self-adjustment but it pre-supposes correct installation and operation- Momentarily Turn the big knurled knob a small amount on a running bike. This releases the tension temporarily. Let go and thereafter forget about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cowboyup3371 View Post
    You will want to check your charging system first and make sure itís running correctly. Check these settings with a multimeter at the battery and report back here

    Key off
    Key on
    While cranking
    While running at idle
    While running at 4000rpm
    Key off
    I finally got out to my gs450 again to check the charging voltages and was surprised the numbers looked way better than the last time I checked. I did not get all the voltages ... but got 14.65 at 4,000 rpms and 13.25 at slightly above idle ... at 2,000. My bike does not run well at idle until really warmed up.

    I cleaned the 3 magnets in the flywheel ... and the 5 male/female connectors pins to the R/R that I had previously missed when cleaning the wire harness. I also crimped the female connectors slightly to improve the fit to the male pins. Anyway, now I am getting 2 more volts going to the R&R than before and now not running down the battery.

    Because of the various technical issues with this bike, I did not ride it for almost 2 years and I am still trying to decide if I need to clean the carbs (again) to get 100% performance. Slowly gathering confidence that it won't leave me stranded somewhere and I'm still doing short local rides. I bought a SH775 R&R but now will probably use that on my Suzuki GR650 which definitely has a charging problem! My mechanic skills are extremely marginal but have been learning quite a bit with help from this GSR group!
    1985 GS450
    Stock condition and a work in progress

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