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Thread: Anyone going to Barber Vintage Festival? Anyone riding from Ohio/W.Virginia > Barber

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    Default Anyone going to Barber Vintage Festival? Anyone riding from Ohio/W.Virginia > Barber

    Is anyone on here going to Barber Vintage Festival?

    If anyone is looking to ride from Ohio or West Virginia, to Barber, and back, I'm doing a solo extended twisty, technical, twisty, twisty scenic mountains trip there this coming week, and riding a direct route back on Sunday from Barber to Ohio. If anyone is able to take the time off, and doesn't mind an extremely twisty long several day route there through the mountains, a few hikes, and primitive camping, I wouldn't mind some like-minded company! This is my last bit of freedom for the year at the end of the season before I return to work from medical leave after a nasty knee surgery and months of physical therapy. Gotta live it up on the twisty paved riding routes, before deer mating season aka dirtbikes-only season (don't want to hit another deer on my street bikes, OUCH).

    I've got an extensive tentative route plotted of familiar roads that I love, and others that have come highly recommended, as well as some decent primitive camping options outlined. I can share this route even if you're not along for the ride with me, as it's a great route to the best of the best in the east from here to Asheville or Deal's Gap... I ride fairly fast on the twisty roads, but not as fast I as did a decade ago after realizing our mortality.... I don't speed much, try to keep it out of the ticketable range, and always keeping a watchful eye out for LEO's and hiding spots. Looking to rough it for camping, but a campground with showers would be nice once or twice through the week. A bit cooler now so creek bathing may be less enticing...

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    I'll be there. Coming up from South Alabama.
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