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Thread: 750 engine into 650 frame?

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    Minor price to pay for such a pocket rocket.

    The 650 (actually 673) is rated at 72hp. The 850 (843) is rated at 78hp. Not much of an increase, considering the bump in displacement, and certainly not enough to offset the additional 85 pounds (40kg). Yep, the 650 is a real hidden gem of a bike.


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    I don't want to hijack the OP's thread, but as a new GS650g owner, I have been curious about the varying power ratings found for this bike. Also vs. the rarer GS650E. Although most sources list all the GS650's as 72 hp, I found a site with an old 1981 period review ( UK?) on the '81 models and spoke of the differences between GT and E models. That article claimed the GS650G had 65 hp @ 9000 rpm and 42 lb. ft. torque at 8000 ? The E model ( with roller bearing bottom end) supposedly had a different intake cam profile and bigger bore exhaust. The E was rated at 72 or 73 hp at 9500 rpm with 48.5 lb.ft. at 8000 ? I don't know if that's accurate, but it sounds believable. Still a gem.
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    Don't worry about the hp stuff..the shafties are a different animal. Get your bike running well and safely, and i think you'll find its performance interesting . I test rode one back in 1981 and was impressed: I got busy though ,and had to wait 27 years to get one.
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