I picked up a 1978 GS750E in incredible shape a little under a year ago and I've been using it as my daily on and off, as I've had a bunch of little issues related to it having spent the better part of 40 years sitting. It was well-tended and went out once or twice a year, but it's had some rubber degradation and whatnot.

Right now it's running really well. I recently cleaned the carbs and swapped out the rubber boots on both sides (and the o-rings) as there were a couple of minor leaks. I put in a K+N filter and got it all tuned up and running well. But I always track my mileage and fuel because I'm obsessive, and it's getting around 20mpg in-town and 28 on the highway, which seems absurd. My 550t (with pods from a previous owner) gets WAY more than that, and it's a much more abused little bike.

Are there any things I should be looking at that anyone's aware of?