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Thread: The GSResources 2019 financial update

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    Exclamation Can't live without it

    Wingsconsin has made a contribution as well -
    I KNOW I have received excellent value from my past donations so no reason to not keep it going.
    I pray others will be involved and keep this place afloat.
    Other forums I participate on have gone to advertising to help pay the costs - that is NOT ideal in my opinion
    So I hope to keep this forum ad free

    My 1983 GS850GL "Kaizen" thanks you

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    I've donated to help keep this indispensable resource online. Between the technical information and the community, this site is invaluable. Not to mention all the cool pics of members' bikes and projects.

    Let's keep it going into 2020 and beyond!

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    Boy am I glad I logged back in and saw this post. I've been fairly absent around here in the past couple of years but most definitely do not want to see this invaluable resource disappear, especially due to a few dollars from everyone. $1000 divided by 1,725 (the amount of members online on 10-21-2019) that's less than a $1 each. Come on everyone, Frank deserves it!!
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    Well, we did it.

    Be sure to see the update.


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