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Thread: The GSResources 2019 financial update - update! Wow!

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    Thumbs up The GSResources 2019 financial update - update! Wow!

    Friday, when I wrote my note expressing the dire situation here I really thought that things were getting ready to head off into the sunset. Boy, was I wrong! You all stepped up to the plate in a big way! The contributions now are near $3000, which is definitely enough to keep this website going for several more years. I really just can't get over it. So for all your support I just want to thank you so much!

    Now I know that some people donated what I consider a crazy amount of money. I certainly appreciate it but if you would like me to refund some of it back to you, just send me a PM and let me know. There is no shame in asking. Really!

    So again, I want to thank you all for your support of the site. I certainly appreciate it. I hope you all have a fantastic holiday!!!


    PS: I will let the contributions go for several more days before I process them all. It could take a while to get that done...

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    Frank, "crazy amount of money"???

    It would be more crazy to send NO money.

    We should be a bit more generous a bit more steadily so we don't encounter a panic like this,
    but we REALLY appreciate your efforts to keep it going.


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    Thank you for the information Frank and thank you very much for taking care of this site. If you ever need more IT help just say the word; I'm willing to help where I can

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    Thank you Frank...
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    Thank you for your work Frank and a bigger thank you to all who have donated. Good to hear that we will have a forum for the near future.

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    I had no doubt this place would have a problem with donating $1K in less than 31 days...but triple less than a week? What a blessing!

    Keep up the good work, Frank!

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    Remind us non-frequent users how to contribute again?
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    Quote Originally Posted by limeex2 View Post
    Remind us non-frequent users how to contribute again?
    Just go right here:
    Bob T.

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    Thanks Frank.
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    Fantastic news Frank, it's great to see how much we really care about this place.

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