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Thread: Honor Blackman, Lifetime Motorcyclist died April 2020 at 94.

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    Default Honor Blackman, Lifetime Motorcyclist died April 2020 at 94.

    She was a Dispatch Rider in WWII, and played the sexy woman Mrs. Gale in black on The Avengers prior to Diana Rigg. At close to 39 she played Pussy Galore in Goldfinger. The oldest Bond Girl.
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    Oh wow!

    Bond Girl...memorable lady!



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    What a life! What a woman!
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    Wow, glad to know other peeps followed Honor Blackman's carrier.
    Love her tough woman persona, but it was not her actual personality.
    Did not know she was biker, WOW again!
    She portrayed Hera in the great Ray Harryhausen's epic; Jason and the Argonauts.
    Also saw her in an episode of Columbo.
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