I'm glad to hear the day went well and everyone went fast and shifted a lot. Most importantly, there weren't any mishaps or injuries. I had hoped to make it up for the track day this year but we were too busy getting settled into our new digs. We've been so busy that I hadn't even been on a motorcycle since last year's track day. I did manage to get out for a ride the Sunday before the track day. I rode the tedious and boring 21 miles to the top of Deal's Gap then rode the Dragon both ways before riding the Foothills Parkway both ways (including the very nice new section that I hadn't ridden before). Then I suffered through the 17 miles of 129 back to our house. I was home by 1 pm. It wasn't a track day and to say I was rusty would be a huge understatement but it sure is nice to have great roads close to home after a lifetime of living in the flatlands.