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Thread: 650G clutch springs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Longitudinal View Post
    What does that term refer to? I haven't heard it before regarding Suzuki clutches.
    Likely a poor description of a slight issue. When engaging the clutch, there seems to be a slight delay from partial engagement and full engagement. With lever fully released. Sort of a "2 stage" effect. From a stop or on some upshifts. Not noticeable on more rapid upshifts. New springs alleviated some of it, but I probably need to check the plates.
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    might be gear lash...not clutch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rphillips View Post
    What'd I miss?
    I had to read through all the comments and posts, I'll try to comment as they progress.

    Quote Originally Posted by phydeauxmutt View Post
    This is all a very good discussion on clutch springs, but I did not realize that the 650G was a two-cylinder bike.
    This was apparently in reference to the fact that this is posted in the 2-cylinder Engine/Drivetrain/Clutch forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.humbucker View Post
    I believe they came out with a 2 cylinder in 83 branded the Tempter GS650. Not sure if they continued to make the four cylinder model too in 83.
    Introducing the idea of the 2-cylinder GR650 Tempter. Yes, they DID continue with the 4-cylinder GS650 in 1983.

    Quote Originally Posted by rphillips View Post
    Just for the argument, the Suzuki 650 Tempter was a 2 cyl. & named a GR650, not a GS. Best I can recall all GS650's were 4 cyl.
    This is true.

    Quote Originally Posted by bull958 View Post
    Looks like you may have forgotten about the GS400 and GS450's.
    This may have been a reminder that not all GSes were 4-cylinders by mentioning the 400 and 450, but was incomplete by also forgetting to mention the GS250, GS300 and GS425.

    Quote Originally Posted by rphillips View Post
    I do forget a lot. Now,,, how has the GS400 & GS450 slipped into a conversation about GR650's & GS650's? What'd I miss?
    Can you follow the train now?


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