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Thread: Labor Day Weekend Get Away

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    Quote Originally Posted by cowboyup3371 View Post
    Norm, an airplane cop really? How did they stop you - land on the road?
    Nah, those guys up in the air have these new-fangled devices called "radios". They use them to talk to other cops that are already on the ground, hopefully ahead of Norm, to warn them that he is on the way.


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    I'd sure like to explore that area someday, Norm. Sounds like a great ride.

    Were you on the FJR? Which Michelins did you put on? I just put Road 5's on mine, but they haven't seen any rain yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burque73 View Post
    I'd sure like to explore that area someday, Norm. Sounds like a great ride.

    Were you on the FJR? Which Michelins did you put on? I just put Road 5's on mine, but they haven't seen any rain yet.
    Yes Roger, I was riding the FJR. I've been riding on Michelin PR4'S for awhile now, I think this is my 4th or 5th set. It really is a beautiful part of our country. So many twisty roads and elevation changes I was getting Sea Sick! 😃
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    Glad you had a great ride.

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    Quote Originally Posted by storm 64 View Post
    Stopping at Norris Lake, up to Tazewell Tennessee then to the Cumberland Gap. The beauty was just awesome with the morning fog still hanging in the mountain valleys. I was so far off the beaten path.

    Monday, I was back in Ohio, my stomping grounds. I shot over to Marietta Ohio then took my rt26 north. Rt26 was my dessert what a beautiful road. About 30 miles from my home in Youngstown.

    What a beautiful Labor Day Weekend ��
    Stormin' Norman! Geesh it's been at least 5 or 6 years since I rode with you on a Labor Day weekend!

    Tazewell, Tennessee? I went through Tazewell, VIRGINIA Friday and Saturday! Is there a TN city of the same name, or are we talking about the same place just north of that ripping triple mountain pass stretch on Route 16 known at the Back of the Dragon?


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