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Thread: 1982 GS 450GA Suzuki Matic NO SPARK

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    Angry 1982 GS 450GA Suzuki Matic NO SPARK


    I have a 1982 GS450GA suzuki Matic

    I got this bike in working condition , I restored it and put it back together but ijust cant get it to spark
    checked all wiring , put a new plugs, plug wires, coils, stator /generator , Battery , and still not sparking I dropped the CDI while i was restoring it so Im wondering if i damaged it or not !!

    The CDI for this Bike Reads 32900-44510 BB 1207 , I bought a CDI 81-83 but it reads 32900-44420 BB 1214 , installed it and still no spark , something unique is when i press the start button i see no spark but when i release the start button i see two sparks and that's it .

    My question to you is do you think the CDI that i bought would work with my Bike even if it has different numbers? I don't understand why ONLY 1982 GS450GA has its own specific CDI

    the only thing left to change is the rectifier my question is would the bike not spark if the rectifier is bad ?

    I really need your help , the bike is been sitting for sometime and i want to get it to run

    Thanks in advance

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    This is in a section that is for questions about the forum only and probably won’t be seen by many who can help you. I suggest deleting this one and posting a new question in the technical forums.

    Also, our bikes do not have a CDI but is instead an ignitor which is actually a different configuration.

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    As cowboy says, GS bikes don't use a CDI. Time for more research.

    I don't know what's wrong with your bike but one thing I do know is that the R/R ground method on the 450 from Suzuki is poor. And because of that it's common for the ground to go open which results in the charging system to over charge, which in part can fry the ignitor. It's critical to properly ground the R/R, and better yet, upgrade to a SH775 R/R.
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