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Thread: I need carburetor gs850 gl

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    Default I need carburetor gs850 gl

    Does anyone know for which carburetor I can replace the mikuni gs850 gl with another? or where can i buy one, thanks

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    I know you have asked this before but never answered - what is wrong with yours that you need to replace them?

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    And is it just one carb, two, three or all four?


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    Quote Originally Posted by neo View Post
    Does anyone know for which carburetor I can replace the mikuni gs850 gl with another? or where can i buy one, thanks

    Ask a better question to get a better answer --
    People who want to help will need MORE information in order to figure out what you need
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    Maybe some in this thread. What year is your GL? I think the carbs interchange between G and GL.
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