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Thread: 1981 GS450 - shifting gears

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    Quote Originally Posted by pete View Post
    Definitely check clutch adjustment first, but another possibility is that the rose/heim joints in the gear shift linkage are flogged out giving too much free play.

    I actually rebuilt my engine because I didn't check this, and thought I had a gearbox problem. Yes, I did. Imagine how much a fool I felt when I found everything in spec, reassembled, then discovered the excess free play

    The linkage design means if there's too much free play, shifting in to first and then down shifting from the higher gears will result in the gear lever impacting the shift linkage shaft before engaging the gear, meaning getting stuck in neutral or not being able to down shift.
    My joints are definitely gone. I'm sending a photo showing my assembly with what I presume are the joints we're talking about marked in red. Do you think I should go for new parts or try sourcing a used complete assembly?

    As a sideline, I see you're in Queensland. I've got some good memories of Australia, spent thirteen years in Melbourne in the 80s and 90s.
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    Quote Originally Posted by steve murdoch View Post
    That is what Pete was referring to when he said the rose/heim joints could be shot.
    They can be replaced. You may find them cheaper elsewhere. Also make sure they are the correct ones for your set-up.
    This is strictly for reference.

    Thanks for your help. What would be involved in removing and replacing the old joints? Would this require a press?
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    Apologies, haven't logged in this week!

    Yep, those are the rose/heim joints that are the problem.

    I simply used a dremel to grind off where they'd been peened at the rear to enable replacing them, and any suitable rod end, rose joint, or heim joint that fits the M6 threads should be fine. Just be careful with dimensions as the body on some of the rod ends on eBay are too long and you won't be able to fit the jam nut back on as well.

    The rod ends I replaced mine with are simply bolted to the gear lever and splined part with M6 nuts and bolts.
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