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Thread: Not worth selling....

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    Quote Originally Posted by dpep View Post
    I am thinking there are a lot of people who can relate on this particular website.
    every time I think I have it under control...I wake up.
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    I bet anybody that's lived in a house for five years or more has this going on, but Not to Worry. The executors of our estates will take care of it all, and quickly too. (sigh)

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    Good point, I'd be very unhappy with fair mkt. value. That being said, I guess my heirs are go'na be tickled to death with fair mkt. value.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rphillips View Post
    ...I'd be very unhappy with fair mkt. value.
    When I got my new Sportster several years ago, I was frequently asked, "What are you going to do with your old bike?"

    "Keep it."

    Now that I have destroyed the Sportster and can barely walk, I'm frequently asked, "What are you going to do with the Suzuki?"

    "Keep it. In my living room."

    I might get $2,000 for it. What am I going to do with $2k? That won't even pay one month's rent.

    A health aide asked me why I needed more than one guitar. I should have asked him why he needed more than one child.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rphillips View Post
    Good point, I'd be very unhappy with fair mkt. value. That being said, I guess my heirs are go'na be tickled to death with fair mkt. value.
    If they can get someone to just haul a bunch of it away they can order a smaller dumpster.
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    My local triumph Dealer gave me a jingle asking if I wanted to trade my T120 in now that it's getting "old".

    I said what is a 2 year old T120 worth with 70K miles?
    $4K trade in?
    Yeah... I'll keep it.
    No intention of selling this bike anyway... I love it too sticken much. Just such a pleasure to ride.

    Nice article BTW. I have 3 bikes and 4 frames on my property that cannot run (engine or transmission issues or no engines). Now that I have a trailer, I see a metal run happening in my future.
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    Let's peek into my garage...

    1) Battered and bruised 18 year old (2002) V-Strom DL1000 with 120,000+ miles.

    2) 37 year old (1983) GS850G with something over 135,000 miles (speedo issues and replacement at around 118,000, so it's a little vague). Decent 20-footer, I guess, but cosmetically only fair when you start looking.

    3) A technically 15 year old (2005) KLR650 with a 685 kit, very battered and bruised. Then again, most of the bike by this point is made up of different bikes, so if you were to take an average it's probably around 2003 or so. It's been through a 45mph deer collision plus countless off-road oopsies. Usually filthy.

    All have fresh tires, run flawlessly, handle beautifully, have upgraded suspension and electrics, have been maintained to a very high standard, and are dead reliable.

    All would be incredibly hard to sell, and likely would never crack into four digits. Maybe the V-Strom could fetch more than $1,000, if I found the right buyer who wanted the Givi luggage. Someone on a strict budget headed to Alaska, or something like that.

    So yeah, I feel this article.
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    Eat more venison.

    Please provide details. The GSR Hive Mind is nearly omniscient, but not yet clairvoyant.

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