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Thread: MotoStories with Unkie Phil - New Youtube Motorcycle Series!

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    Default MotoStories with Unkie Phil - New Youtube Motorcycle Series!

    Hey guys, we do the ClevelandMoto Podcast and have around 150,000 listeners all over the world.
    We decided to do a Motorcycle stories series with Phil Waters the owner of ClevelandMoto, basically he is going into deep dives on why he opened a moto shop over 20 years ago as well as telling stories usually reserved for late night garage sessions..

    So grab a drink and sit back and enjoy!

    Episodes 1 and 2 are out, 3 comes out tomorrow and more every Wednesday!

    We have a new channel dedicated to Motorcycle/Scooter stories from a 20+ year shop owner!
    Check it out! Episode 2 and 3 are specifically about Vespa racing!


    First vid:

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    There is a post already on this....yesterday I believe
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