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Thread: Headlight coverage

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    Quote Originally Posted by dpep View Post
    Motorcycles require countersteering to turn meaning the front wheel (and therefore headlight) are pointed in the opposite direction that the bike is turning. It has always been thus. The correction for that is called adaptive lighting. I know some expensive BMW models have it. To my knowledge only one company offers an after market product for most other makes. It's not cheap but if you do a lot of night riding it is probably a wise investment.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wingsconsin View Post
    My 1983 GS850GL with a Trucklite installed and Superbright LEDs 2" work lights (12V) on the lower crash bars - So this is MY EXPERIENCE

    Pay attention to the LOWER driving lights -
    Those are wide beam LEDs (30 degree) that will light up much of the side of the roadways at night -
    AND consequently the wider beam and lower placement will light around the corner -- a little -- better than the Headlamp alone -

    My opinion -
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    My humble 2 cents worth is night time is really a bad time to push it through corners. Many animals come out at night, plus you cant judge the oncoming road conditions near as well with any lighting at night. You can work on the lighting, but no matter what you do reading the road is so important pushing it through the corners nightfall is an extreme handicap.
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    Very true ^^ If I can't see through the corner, I slow down in any case. Never truer than at night.

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