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I believe there are far more GS survivors than Honda or Kawasaki. I see GS bikes quite a bit, the others not so much. Rarity breeds value. It's the price Suzuki paid for being a better bike. Except for the wiring.....
We have a tendency to see things we have in common with others, I notice every Toyota Tundra on the road because I have one. So if you ride a GS you likely won't notice a CB as readily as another GS.

I ride a CBX and a GS so I notice other CBX and GS when they cross my path. Locally I know of 25-30 CBX and even more CB's but other GS's maybe 10-15 and those all belong to my vintage buddies. Suzuki's like my GS1150efe I've only seen two others. Honda has dominated sales for decades no other manufacturer even comes close in production there's a lot of them still out there tucked away in barns, garages and sheds.