Never timed them so I can't say much except 'similar' power.

I rode the GPz more, had it for a year longer and it was quieter and more comfy than the Katana. I could feel the GPz's extra oomph after I put in the 1166 kit, not a ton but nice to have. The Kat was not stock, with that Kerker and re-jetted, it was putting out great power but you needed to wring its neck a bit more. That very loud Kerker dissuaded me from opening it up WFO, it was just annoying to me and others. So in normal riding the GPz felt stronger.

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Just wondering, you had both the GS1000SZ & GPZ1100 at the same time. Did you ever run them against each other thru a 1/4 mi. Around here, the 2 Katana 1000's were about dead even with the 1100's of the day. We always wondered how.