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Thread: What good things happened to you in 2020?

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    I don't ask for a lot.. but if you even remotely like motorcycles, booze, weed and funny.. place subscribe to us. This year I'm making my hobby my job.. so PLEASE DIG IN! We have well over 12 years of awesomeness!If you like vintage bike talk, general motorcycle talk and insanity check out Clevelandmoto Podcast!
    And we started a Youtube channel as well!

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    Quote Originally Posted by redman View Post
    professional now ? ?

    Opps, sorry, i have been saying for years that i was going to quit joking about such.


    Yes, quitting is easy for me. Have done it many times.
    380 days
    and at least twenty bucks saved
    terrible liver pain. Maybe a demon lives there?
    1983 GS 550 LD
    2009 BMW K1300s

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