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Thread: 2021 Brown County Indiana GS Thang - June 10-13 - SAVE THE DATE!

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    Roger Burque from Alburqure, chatting with Carl Wingsconson. Maybe about Carls new electrong guages that he managed to fit in the stock housing and convert to the wring.
    Bonita and Jay back by table starting to set up for dinner.

    Stephan (550L) with his dad Pete (BMW GSA).
    This was the start of me going to get picture of everybody by their bikes. But I didnt do well at that at all.

    Maybe 2/3rds of the group siting around under the Steve-Bonita big awnings. Was great for shade, and great for when was raining.

    Misc late night chatting.
    Brian bwringer(hat)., ROger Burque (back) , Adam (Roger son), Steve Steve, Larry Alkie.

    < more tommorow >
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    Some more pictures from my side of things:

    Breakfast at a great little place in Bedford called Apron Strings Cafe; did anyone here make these back in Home Ec?

    Apron Strings Cafe by Scott Baker, on Flickr

    Rode out to find Cataract Falls north of Bloomington along some nice back roads. I should have grabbed my zoom lens from the backpack

    Upper Cataract Falls by Scott Baker, on Flickr

    Then after getting caught in one heck of a torrential downpour, I made it over to the Tulip Trestle for a quick view before the rains came again

    Tulip Trestle by Scott Baker, on Flickr

    Friday night Socializing

    Evening Gathering by Scott Baker, on Flickr

    and Parking lot maintenance

    Parking Lot Maintenance by Scott Baker, on Flickr

    A nice 450T showed up; I can't remember whose this was now but please send me that PM and I'll send you the link as we talked about.

    GS450T by Scott Baker, on Flickr

    Charmayne and her boyfriend arrived late Friday night to spend time with everyone and follow me south to Culbertson Mansion in New Albany

    Culbertson Mansion by Scott Baker, on Flickr

    Charmayne and Joe at Williams Bridge by Scott Baker, on Flickr

    And finally we visited the Medora Brick Plant before leaving Sunday

    Bandit at Medora Brick Mill by Scott Baker, on Flickr

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    I know now I missed quite a bit on this years gathering.I'm glad to see the pics;love those trestles that pass through the woods also !
    The 82' blue GS450TXZ is very much like the one I purchased in 2018' although in Much better condition than mine.
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