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Thread: 79 gs850 bent frame :(

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    Default 79 gs850 bent frame :(

    First post for me, hello all.
    I have a box set gs850, the bike was involved in a direct head on about 20 yrs ago. The forks and wheel took the brunt of the impact but the frame is slightly bent in front of the engine and also the two smaller bars just under the tank where the frame bends downward. Is there somewhere that I can get frame measurements in order to fix these issues. Thanks in advance.

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    I would consider getting a straight frame at the wreckers or use the current machine for parts and getting another bike. Check out kijiji for GS850 Suzuki s' to get an indication of resale value. I have 2 1979 850's that I'm working on now.

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    There are places that will straigten frames, but the seem to be few and far between (I've checked)
    GS 850s aren't that rare, so as noted, probably a good idea to find a parts bike, frame, etc.

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    I'm with them, just don't see it would be worth the effort. Also you didn't mention if yours was an 850 G or an 850 GL, big difference, but a good titled frame for either should not be too hard to find....Good luck.
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    i agree, part that 79 out, and get another 850

    a frame hit that hard will be bent in areas you can't see

    a friend has a rare Norton Manxman, serial 0001. he took his frame up to a guy in Tacoma, who straightened a couple of tubes beyond what was obvious. it cost a bunch. more than you'd want to spend on a GS
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    Quote Originally Posted by rphillips View Post
    Also you didn't mention if yours was an 850 G or an 850 GL, big difference, ...
    If he has a '79, it won't be an L.

    The first 850L was in '80.

    On the other hand, there could still be some uncertainty. The first half or so of the '80 production run was assembled in '79, so would have that date on the VIN plate. Somebody might have called it a '79 because of that.


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    Where are you located? These guys in IL are highly recommended, or find similar in your region. Or most likely, scrap the frame and find another.

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    Talk to Byron at CMR Racing in Trenton, On
    He has the only frame jig in Ontario

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