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Thread: 520 chain and sprocket conversion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agemax View Post
    No, i had to machine 5mm off the GSXR sprocket carrier to line up the rear sprocket with the front.
    I've just scrolled down and found the picture of your bike and could see the gixxer wheels.. nice looking bike by the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwikonit View Post
    So you had the 520 sprockets made?
    No I used a "conversion" sprocket (which wasn't at all expensive) & ran the bump on the inside with from memory an additional 1/8" of spacer on the shaft before it went on. Long time ago....

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    I have a rear from a '89 gsxr1100 on my 750. It's a six hole carrier and the 520's for a dr500 fits. Good selection of sizes are available.
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    I'll copy paste the info from my thread. I converted to 520 on my 1981 GS750 E:

    These are the ebay-items I went for :

    Front 16 tooth sprocket : Vortex Front Sprocket 16T 3270-16
    Rear 48 tooth sprocket: JT SPROCKET JTR1825.48 48 Tooth
    Chain 118 links (calculator says I could use 116 links, but I'd like to be on the safe side).
    This is the narrowest 520 I could find at a reasonable price: DID 520x118 Links VX2 Pro-Street Series Sealed X-ring Natural
    This chain is rated to 750cc and 110hp.
    The 16/48 combo gives a gear rate of 3.0 wich should be spot on.

    I chose JT rear sprocket for low price and strength. Other choices are Vortex Aluminum(not hardcoated) and Supersprox Stealth

    For a complete (I guess) list of which bikes that use the same pattern (pcd 100, id76, hole10,5) as the gs750 read this thread:

    You can search ebay for the names in bold.

    You can also see my build from page 10 (with pictures):

    to see how i arranged spacers. If you need more clearance you can go from there I guess

    My bike has a 150/70-18 on 4.25" rim.

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