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Thread: I got the COVID shot today

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    Well said, Don. Glad you got your jabs!
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    Please provide details. The GSR Hive Mind is nearly omniscient, but not yet clairvoyant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wyly View Post
    Patiently waiting my turn this hiding out in my home really sucks, only three shifts at work in the last year. I am getting a lot done on my GSX rebuild however.

    Anyone who has had Covid should still get the vaccination there has been fairly solid evidence that you can become infected a 2nd time with covid with serious consequences.

    Covid now that it's widespread may never be fully brought under control, best case scenario is that mutates and becomes much less dangerous. It's also possible it'll be like the flu and we'll need to be immunized every year for any new strains that appear.

    Lives lost, economies destroyed, it'll be a relief to finally get this nightmare behind us.

    I agree with this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GS1150Pilot View Post
    The vaccine manufacturers are ramping up production exponentially under this administration's push to do so. Although distribution remains the Achilles' heel in this endeavor, Biden has said (and I believe will deliver on the promise) that everyone will be able to be vaccinated by the end of summer.
    I know the Vermont numbers are still looking good as we continue to do what we can to slow the spread... Nice to have considerate neighbors (for the most part). Me and my staff get tested weekly. I would prefer to get a vaccine, I'll also be able to leave the state more easily... In good time. I would love to be vaccinated by August!
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    I was registered with county health department, late December, and thought that would be sufficient. Just wait my turn, being the the category of "over 65".

    Got a notice late January to schedule an appointment with the county, but all appointment were full before I got done filling out the questionnaire (of all the same questions that answered originally - that annoyed me). Later found out all the appointment were made in less than 15 minutes, and that they were then going to go to some lottery system so that didnt have 50 thousand people on the web site trying to get the 500 appointments.

    Then a few pharmacies and a couple nearby hospitals started thier own registrations, huh? what? I thought the state and the countys were organizing this all. My quess is that the state system could not handle all these other systems.
    Then was announced that the state was going to allocate to the counties, not based only on population to the counties, but try to account for "social/economic factors" so that "underserved, disadvantaged populations" would not be adversely effected. Hummmm...... our county not being one of the least "underserved, disadvantaged".

    So I did sign up with two pharmacy's and two hospitals and one large supermarket chain (taking advantage of my "privilaged status" of having a computer and online access, I guess). And a couple weeks later got an appointment with a pharmacy for later this month.

    THen Monday, the 15th, I got email from county to make an appointment for next day. Must be I won the Ottawa County Lottery. Did not see the email for 4 hours, but went to website and was able to get an appointment. And Went to civic center in next town south. Was lots of Army National Guard there. They had 3 guys in uniform at the door, and calling for those with appointments on 5 minute intervals to let just those in with appropriate appointment times. Seemed like about 15 people every 5 minutes. Inside was an array of tables to show ID and appointment verification, then big line to wait in around a big area, and then get to about 8 stations for the shots and get the card (Pfizr), and then go to about 4 stations to schedule next shot (4 week later) and then sit in big area for about 15 minutes. Was in and out in about half hour total. Was fairly well run, and well spaced out. Only comment I noticed was that had lots of volunteers that didnt know anything other than "go this way, space out on the Xs on the floor". And was about 3 places were had to go up/down a few stairs that were difficult for some of the people there.
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    I saw today that through additional research Pfizer announced that their vaccine could be kept at normal refrigerator temperatures. Previously they specified it needed to be kept at -97F that is dry ice territory I believe its -109F. This newly released suggested holding temperature will help significantly with distribution. Also Pfizer is now stating that the 1st dose produces 80% immunity, previously they said 50% immunity after the first dose. The other good news is that it is predicted that by April or May the first positive effects of herd immunity should begin.

    Regardless of what political party is in power the output of the vaccine in not likely to increase according to the CDC. "Federal officials say the country's vaccine manufacturing capacity has reached its limits in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, as companies have sought to expand production for the some 800 million vaccine doses ordered by the Trump administration last year" There is about 328 million in the US, so that order was thinking globally.

    The problem in increasing production by retrofitting existing facility's with extreme speed it is estimated to take 6 months, plus 2 more months to get into production. Building new facility's on an emergency basis 1 year minimum plus a couple of months to get into production. The vaccine will probably be completely distributed in 6 months, Biden says by the end of July, I hope he is close on that one. We have VERY limited production capability to produce these mRNA type vaccines, and those are running 24/7. No other vaccine in the past has used the mRNA technology. We are very fortunate that this new biotech matured enough just before covid19 hit. IMHO big pharma doing something extremely positive is a rarity, the mRNA production tech is the outstanding exception. 1 week ago my I got my first Pfizer shot, I feel normal even after 4 days without power and running water, with temps down to -8F.

    The FDA did approve Moderna increasing the amount of vaccine they could place in a vial by 40%, that should ease distribution. That said Pfizer is the giant Moderna is smaller, keep in mind the primary bottleneck is in the production capacity. If/when Johnson & Johnson releases its vaccine that would be a big increase in the overall number of doses available.

    One subject not discussed much is the foundation for all of this was the ordering in advance of millions of specialty glass lined plastic vials, specialty shipping containers, and raw materials needed to produce mRNA vaccines, this all occurred early in 2020. Without that foresight we wouldn't have the distribution we have now. This has been hard times, also a marvel in emergency response, and just in time new tech. It doesn't feel like it but we are living history right now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by metalfab View Post
    The problem in increasing production by retrofitting existing facility's with extreme speed it is estimated to take 6 months, plus 2 more months to get into production. Building new facility's on an emergency basis 1 year minimum plus a couple of months to get into production.
    I'm tellin ya, 2022 will be the real come back year.
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    Just received an email from the University of Kentucky letting me know that I can get my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine tomorrow! YEAH!!!!

    "Little Andy", (our Gov) has just lifted restrictions on visits to assisted living facilities. If you have completed the vaccine regimen, or had a negative test within 72 hours, you can physically go inside now. Having a daughter that lives in a group home, the vaccine will be a real blessing! Finally after a year, I may finally be able to go inside her house instead of meeting outside, or in the garage!
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    The wife got her first shot today. Lucky circumstance, a neighbor is a nurse at a local hospital and they had some slots open up today. Not sure why. Anyway, she texted our little neighborhood group asking if people in group 2 were available and Ashley and another lady were.
    Very happy she was able to get this done, especially since we are going to have to travel in the next 6 weeks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by metalfab View Post
    Has anyone else gotten any vaccine.

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    My 76 and 81 year old in-laws had no side effects to speak of from the 2nd Moderna shot.

    I got my 2nd Moderna shot yesterday morning, had a slight headache today and just felt a little off, but otherwise expected more misery.

    My son at college has COVID and is in quarantine until Sunday. Zapped his energy and he slept a lot. For him it was like a typical cold/flu.
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