Gotta be my favorite store by far after today.

I ordered a set of 4 pilot jet plugs the 23rd this month and they've been sitting in the same spot since the 25th, being that I'm an hour away from the store I found this kindove ridiculous, I'm not bashing dime city its usps that is taking up the time.

So I called them and asked what was going on (usps) and they said the package actually hasn't got to them yet, called dime city and asked them what was going on, they said that the package has been sent out but if I would like to make another order and just pick it up since they arent a storefront shop I can if I'd like to, so that's what I did.

They close at 4 and I couldn't make it yesterday, planned to wake up at 6am to get there when they open because I had to bring the car back bye 9 and traffic in tampa can be hectic. Woke up, knocked back out and never went. I messaged them and said itd be tomorrow and they said they're not open on the weekends. Just kindove fooling around (kindove) I said could you just meet me I have limited time for using the car.

Guess who is meeting the guy up tomorrow lol. Cant say nothing but good stuff about them.