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Thread: Torque specs for side covers on 1982 GS450L

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    Default Torque specs for side covers on 1982 GS450L

    Looking for torque specs for all the side covers for a 1982 GS450L. can’t seem to find the info in my clymer manual.

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    Engine covers, right? A lot of people here call the pretty painted plastic with the model badges "side covers."
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    As a general rule, if the shop manual doesn't give specific instructions to torque particular bolt or screws, use the torque specs per the size given in the "general" torque chart found in most manuals...

    But without such a chart, and having a small torque wrench that uses "inch #"(or the metric equivalent), for those screws, holding the stator and clutch covers, I think you'll find it's Not Much... A "hard hand tight" often does. but a tap with and impact driver should be More than enough. If not, it's probably time to renew the gasket.

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