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Thread: RIP HJFisk

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    Very Sad!

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    Condolences to the Family.
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    Fisk was a great dude. I missed seeing him at the last GMR due to extreme COVID-19 restrictions for work and now, again missed his service because of work. Bummed.

    There will be a memorial ride planned once winter breaks up here. Looks like Memorial day 5-31 is the day his brother is planning. I'm guessing it will be around Northern Mass and Southern VT/NH which was Fisk's stomping grounds.

    Todd, thanks for posting the Obituary. Fisk did so much for the GMR events and for fellow members that he's going to be greatly missed.

    He was an awesome dude often rode with him on the GMR rides, boy that man could ride! He was a tall dude and the only guy I knew that could make a GS1000E look like a CT110 under him. What a bummer. I know from the last texts him and I sent back and forth his illness prevented him from riding ever again which was demoralizing for motorcycles was his passion. The man would give you the shirt off his back and many times he'd give up his riding time to get other riders fixed up for riding.

    Roadkill is also a phenomenal bike in which I've had the pleasure to blast a few times on. Testament to his craft as a motorcycle builder and his passion to the Suzuki GS line.

    So young 57, that's my parents age. Reminder to live life to the fullest for we aren't guaranteed tomorrow.

    RIP buddy.
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    Thanks for filling us in, Jedz and Tas. It's always sad to hear a member of the "family" is gone, even one I've never had the chance to meet.
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    Eat more venison.

    Please provide details. The GSR Hive Mind is nearly omniscient, but not yet clairvoyant.

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    So sorry for the loss. You can tell he will be greatly missed by the family and many others!
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    His last post hits hard.
    Terrible to die so Young.
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    I too have fond memories of HJFisk and send my condolences. While I haven’t been as active these past several years we rode together in the GSR group several times. He was generous with his technical knowledge and shared his talents to help others. A super guy.
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    Default RIP HJFisk

    I met Harry in the summer of 2012, driving past his workshop right on the edge of Rt 119 in Hinsdale, NH. There were a couple of old GS’ outside in the sun so naturally I pulled over to check them out, see what’s up with these old bikes. Then I meet the owner – Harry. Wow! 6’4”, 280 lbs – he was NOT a small guy. But within a few seconds, it was a great happenstance – what a great guy! Of course we talked air cooled GS’ – 8 valve, 16 valve, chain drive and shafties. A great friendship was immediately born.

    He had never heard of the GSR, so I gave him the website and invited him up to the wonderful rallies we had every year up at Moosehead Lake. The riding isn’t great up that far in Maine, what with all the logging trucks and frost heaves every winter. But the campsite is right on the shore of Moosehead Lake and the fellow riders that attend every year more than make up for it. (I’ll never forget my first Rally where I met the Northeast GSR members, but that’s a story for another post.) Sure enough, that next Rally, Harry showed up with his buddy – both on GS’ – and they both fit right in with the rest of the lunatics.

    To say Harry knew a thing or two about GS’ is like saying the Pope is a little bit Catholic. At one point in his life, Harry bought out the inventory of a closing Suzuki dealership a few hundred yards down the road – amassing some 250+ motorcycles instantly. One by one, he fixed them up and sold them off making a few extra dollars for the home kitty (and his other passion – racing).

    Harry got into racing up at the local speedway in Louden (you NASCAR fans may have heard of it). How Harry fit on a race bike is comical – he dwarfed every bike he sat on. When he rode his GK, it looked like a moped under him…but that certainly taught him how to ride. And ride he did. He could keep up with (or blow off) just about any other rider on any other machine. But of course, he – like most of us – knew the difference between the street and the track, and being the dedicated family man, would rarely if ever, push beyond safe street riding. But in the backroads of New England, that can be very exhilarating (ESPECIALLY with some GSR members who shall remain nameless; Jethro, Skip, Dennis...)

    As others that knew Harry have said, he was very generous with his time and knowledge (and spare parts), always ready to help a fellow GS’er with any GS related malady – whether it was a breakdown out on a ride or a weekend at his place wrenching – the issue was correctly diagnosed and remedied. His wife Kathleen is a wonderful lady and has always been a gracious host. She enjoyed rides with Harry up to Maine to get a lobster for lunch, and then ride back. Just a 400/500+ mile day, no big deal… My heart breaks for her to lose such a great husband, father, grandfather – way too young…

    As Justin noted, there will be a memorial ride organized by Harry’s brother and Kathleen will host a celebration of life sometime this summer. For those so inclined, there is a “Go Fund Me” page (Fundraiser by Nicole Fisk : Harry Fisk Cancer Fund (, and I hope the memorial ride will add to their goal. And we’ll likely dedicate the next annual northeast Rally in Harry’s honor (similar to Pillage; another Larger-than-life character in the Northeast GSR community, lost too soon to the big C).

    Ride safe, live your life well with honor, and do unto others…
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    Very nice write up Scott, thanks for that.

    You make it sound like Harry was a very special person. Too bad a lot of us (me) never got the opportunity to meet him.

    RIP HJFisk. All the best to his family.

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