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Thread: Is the 1980 16 valve GS1100L Hard to Find?

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    I know the seat is different. I bought a seat for an 82. Derp. It don't fit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gs scott View Post
    I've only rode the 16 valve engines since 82, and I absolutely love them. Super strong engine with room to grow. So I can't add anything to the 8 vs. 16 valve discussion other than both engines are strong and will go way faster than is legal. Some say the 8 valve is a less buzzy configuration but the 16 valve never bothered me at all. A friend had the 1100L 16 valve and he wishes he never sold it - LOVED that bike.

    But to answer your other question, the GSX designation was used by Suzuki worldwide EXCEPT in the US, and it was used to designate the 16 valve engine machines, in particular the 1000SZ, 1100E, ES and SZ/D and the other countries later models beyond 83. (I don't think the 1150 air/oil cooled models were ever labelled as GSX though - just the TSCC machines. Perhaps our friends/mates on the other side of the pond could chime in.)
    Yes, Scott is correct regarding the GS v GSX designation for Suzuki models of the era. The X is the identifier for a 16 valve engine hence GSX. GS identifies an 8 valve engine. Both these codes were used worldwide by Suzuki except for the USA where the X to denote the 16 valve engine was not allowed to be used, US ruling. The 1985 1150 Suzi in Australia is an GSX1100EF. The EF 1150 engine is considered by many to be the best air cooled big bore transverse 4 engine built, rock solid, plenty of torque and still pretty quick for the last of the old school power plants. Installing one in my 1981 Katana project.

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