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Thread: Black oil, Slipping clutch

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    Quote Originally Posted by free99 View Post
    So I did a bit more investigating while I wait for the replacement drive/driven plates to arrive.

    The countershaft sprocket is tight, rear wheel is straight, chain is a little loose but I can't get it to touch the pivot if I try with my hands, and.. Well it's actually become this moderately frightening quiet roar when I accelerate. I am inclined to suspect the rear bearings, but I don't know for sure.

    My ears are telling me the sound is coming from my left-hand rear. I've rechecked the clutch actuator a few times, chain tension...hmm, what else. The roar only seems to appear when accelerating, roar intensity is proportionate to accel intensity. Decel doesn't seem to make much noise.

    What in the hell? I've removed the chain guard, made sure there's no contact between frame and wheel, rear drum brake is a little loose for the sake of elimination. I can't get the wheel to wobble while on the centerstand. What could be happening?
    It isn't too big a job to pull off the rear wheel to check the bearings and grease them plus it's a regular maintenance task as well. On my 450t there was a rather loud noise on acceleration and it turned out the nut on the drive sprocket was loose which I didn't notice until I swapped the sprocket out while installing a new chain. You have already had that nut off while working on the clutch so you might want to check that.
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    I use Rotella T6 in all my bikes. Replace those friction plates. Check the rear wheel bearings and have a look at the output shaft bearing. Take the chain off and rotate the shaft. See if it feels smooth. Good luck

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    Default D'oh!

    Rumors of my rear bearing's demise have been greatly exaggerated.

    Does this work? :facepalm:
    No? Well, how about this:

    Turns out after:
    • adjusting tension with the bike on its sidestand
    • Taking the wheel off and seeing that all 3 bearings look/feel fine
    • Trying (and failing) to locate the swingarm lube point

    That the noise was apparently due to my x-ring chain not having enough lubricant.
    I saw a bit of rust on the chain (which I replaced 4000 miles ago), and gave it a quick clean with some #2 diesel on a whim. Suddenly the roar is gone when I accelerate almost as fast as I can.

    So: Turns out that while x-chains need less care than a regular non- or o-ring chain, they still need a bit here and there.

    Sorry to have wasted everyone's time on this one.
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