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Thread: New bike - 1981 GS750, a few issues, plus cafe racer suggestions?

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    Good news!!

    Bike runs like a TOP!

    It starts up instantaneously when I hit the starter. Doesn’t even turn over one time before it fires up. I hit the button and the bike is idling smoothly.

    I have full power throughout the whole RPM range.
    I tore out all the prior aftermarket wiring crap and just wired it correctly and all my lights are working except none of my turn signals blink, they just stay solid. Has to be a bad signal relay so I’m going to replace that, I just don’t know where the relay is yet, lol.

    I thought the two circular soda can sized holes in my air filter box was the source of my low-mid range hesitation / bogging, so I taped them up, but taping them killed all my power past 3-4K. Bike just fell on its face. So I un-taped them, went for my first real ride since replacing everything, and the bike runs perfect. I guess the bad battery or rectifier was the source of the poor performance.

    So either those two holes are stock, or the prior owner drilled them out and then re-jetted the bike.

    Anyway, just a few things left to do.

    1) Replace signal relay
    3) Tear into carbs (Gas dripping out of overflow petcock)
    3) Fix speedo / tach

    I bought a $60 aftermarket LCD speedo / tach that might be junk / not work, but I’m going to try to make it work lol. I’ll search around the forums and see if anyone else has done it. I know the OEM tach is analog with a cable, and this LCD one is not, but I think there’s still a way to do it.
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