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Thread: Can I score any good upgrades from a 2003 Bandit 1200 donor bike (for my 81 GS1100E)?

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    Default Can I score any good upgrades from a 2003 Bandit 1200 donor bike (for my 81 GS1100E)?

    So in my local area an ad popped up for a non-running 2003 Bandit 1200. With the price listed (cheap), I'm thinking of grabbing it to see if i can get it running (if its something simple... owner is clueless). If it turns out its a major or expensive problem to fix, I'm wondering if I could recoup any of my costs by stealing some "upgrades" from the Bandit 1200 donor bike? With so much standardization within a brand (and the larger Japanese moto industry), I know there are a lot of parts that can be swapped over from bike to bike with varying degrees of effort, and see posts here on the forum with people upgrading forks and carburetors and swingarms etc etc from this model or that. That being said, I'm fairly new to road bikes in general (I'm an absolute gearhead, but previously mostly with cars and some dirtbikes as a younger man) and the Suzuki lineup in particular, so don't really have any idea of what the swap possibilities are with these particular bikes.

    So, bottom line: what, if any, upgrades or spares could I steal from a 2003 Bandit 1200 that would potentially be fairly straightforward to adapt to my bike, a 1981 GS1100E? If there are resources/guides that have this info already and I just haven't found them please feel free to point me at them

    In case it matters, on my bike the suspension, engine, trans, chain/sprockets, brakes, wheels, intake (carbs, full airbox), exhaust and most of the electrics/switchgear are pretty much stock, though a previous owner put on a cafe style seat, clubman bars, a round headlight, and a cheap set of mechanical speedo/odo and tach.

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    Why upgrade an 1100E?
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