In 1999, my father built a house on the ocean and decided he wanted to try this new HD TV antenna thing! He went to a place called Tweeter and bought a Sony HD TV with a built in tuner. For only $4,800 bucks, two guys with white gloves delivered it and carefully hoisted this beast up on the custom made mantel. The TV barely fit, although it was not huge by today's standards. I believe it was a 38" and weighed a ton.

Fast forward 4 years, he paid two smucks in a truck $200 bucks to haul it away as it was now a worthless boat anchor. Today, you can buy a larger and far more superior TV for $199 bucks, only 20 years later.

I suspect the EV industry will make huge strides in reliability, ability and price over the next few years. I can see myself in an electric truck soon.