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Thread: 1980 gs1000g starter clutch

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    Default 1980 gs1000g starter clutch

    Hi all,

    Been chasing a new starter clutch for a 1980 GS1000G for 6mths with no luck, has anyone had any success repairing a crack like this? or has anyone tried having the inside of a 850 one machined to fit?
    starter clutch.jpg

    Cheers and hopefully someone can solve this for me, LOL

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    The only ones I was able to find were ones still attached to the cranks. Alot of extra expense for shipping to be able to get the part you need. I did repair mine and the write up is in the "Engines, starter, and clutch section. On mine the pins and plugs had pushed through the outside formed sheet metal. I made up new plugs and had them welded in place with a tab of material welded over top of the holes for extra strength. I am a machinist by trade in the aerospace industry and our welders can usually weld up any thing you give them. The welder who repaired my said the plugs welded in nicely, but I can't ask him about the welds because he just retired last Friday. It is a hardened material and can be welded. See my posting about the new " Dogs" being .030" bigger in diameter before trying to install them.
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