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Thread: Luggage lunatics

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    I'd looked into mounting cans on my 450 and have even considered it on my Goldwing for the looks of it. In the case of the Goldwing it's a no-brainer, use the rack and mounts as is and just bolt them on. On the 450 the easier solution was to go with a pre-made rack as pictured above and adapt it to the bike. By the time you find a rack, buy it and pay someone to make brackets or other fasteners you're in the same boat money wise as having mounts custom made from scratch. If you have the tools and ability, making a rack seems like the best way to go. If you have friends or other acquaintances that can do it at a discount then from-scratch still makes sense but adapting a rack is easiest, if you're paying full price at the welding/fab shop it makes the most sense to adapt a rack.
    I've had success purchasing Connecticut Cycle Accessories 3-piece luggage racks and then had a welder adapt them to my bikes using BMW/Krauser lower rack mounts and then using the vintage Krauser hard-case bags.

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    If you come across Givi panniers and boxes, the mounts can be purchased seperately for not a lot of money, if you're making up a rack from scratch. Certainly a tenth of the price of buying proper Givi racks.
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