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Thread: 1980 GS450 piston/cylinder question (for Saffas)

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    Default 1980 GS450 piston/cylinder question (for Saffas)

    Hi Guys, in a bit of quandry here.
    Have a 450 that obviously had a bit of piston slap.
    Bought a new cylinder from Ryans and then when I sent it for honing engineers picked up that my pistons are 9000 out. Ryans has 450 and 500 pistons for R2000 per pair.
    Heres the challenge, I have ordered and am awaiting the arrival of a full 450gasket set and was about to order rings but cruzin image doesnt seem to have gs500 rings. (The 450 rings are$24 per set
    If I swap the 450 cylinder for a 500 cylinder anyone know where to get a ring set for less than R2000 which is what suzuki south will charge me to get from the factory? Or know of which rings and pistons may fit a 500 cylinder?
    The first question you are going to ask is why not overbore the 450cylinder and get oversized pistons, cruzinimage has no stock

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    I've done the swap and found a set of GS500 pistons with the original rings in them on ebay. Runs great but if I were doing it again I'd get the OEM rings since you're forking out for all of the other gaskets anyway.
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