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I've taken ignition switches apart for cleaning, and they're always horribly filthy inside. Sometimes there's significant wear to deal with as well if the bike has a lot of miles or has been ridden a lot with a heavy key chain. Sometimes you can tweak the contacts a bit so that they make better contact.

It's a puzzle, but do-able with care, patience, good lighting, and a pan or tray for disassembly.

If replacement is required, you can often avoid the need to carry two keys by removing the gas cap and helmet lock cylinders and filing or rearranging the wafers so they'll work with the new key. The ignition switch uses (IIRC) five wafers, while the other locks only use three.
Thanks! Really.hope it doesnt need to be swapped as it does seem to do as it should and the wires did not have a sign of corrosion and the brass was very clean. I'll find that loss somewhere!