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Thread: Anyone who has been through Colonoscopy prep will relate....

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    I must have gotten lucky. Drank the stuff and a little while later, everything just flowed out of me. No gas, no pain.
    The biggest problem was now I was feeling REALLY hungry. Worst part for me was the actual procedure. Even though other people said they were put asleep, for mine I was wide awake the entire time. They even had me watch on a high definition TV. My colon was twinkly clean. And it sure didn't help that the attending nurse was a very cute young lady. When they pumped air into my intestines to get the camera around corners, well THAT HURT. Imagine the worst gas pains you've ever had and double it. Then, you're farting like a blue whale all the way through the halls and out the door.
    Ahhh...good times.

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    I didn't even have to read that story since I had it done when I turned 50 in 2016. I'm due another here this year since I turn 55 in June.

    A friend of mine who had it done for the first time when I was stationed at Hickam, Hawaii (1999-2003) described his toilet sessions as a "launch" on the toilet! Friggin' hilarious!

    As for my experience, I faintly remember it but do compare it to having a serious case of the the tenth degree.

    I had to dilute the citrus drink they gave me...which was about a gallon of fluid that I drank at my own pace but within the allotted time.

    One thing to do a week before taking the gallon of mixture is keep your food intake to basic, home-cooked meals...which my family does anyways. No instant out-of-the-box meals for this household. If you eat a lot of take-out food then this may not go down very well through your digestive system.

    Of course, this is all based on my experience and therefore I'm giving my opinion on why things may seem more intense for others.

    My wife took good care of me that day...taking the day off work to accompany me to the appointment and get me home safely after I woke up.

    Not as bad an experience as I had anticipated so the next one should be a "walk in the park"


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    The words panic, run, and fear of loading my nickers comes to mind. It's like the sound a toilet makes when you flush it, only in human form. Oh and it flushes more than once, a lot more.
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    I guess I'm lucky. I always have some good reading material within reach of the "poop shoot". My drink (over a gallon, as I recall) wasn't flavored at all, but I guess I'm just used to stale beer.

    I've read that they only use about a quart nowadays. But anyway,

    Since then, I get a free, annual COLOGUARD test in the mail from my doctor. Mail in the results, and you have a 95% chance of not needing another colonoscopy THAT YEAR.
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    Thanks for the good laugh, I have had it done 4 times. Woke up during the last one and made a comment when I saw the screen and heard “what’s he doing awake” and boom lights out.

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    That is a pretty accurate depiction. Except it lasts for 12+ hours. The drugs are great. I remember shaking the Doc's hand, then I remember them pulling the scope out. They snipped 2 polyps, they came back negative. Not as bad as the cancer though....

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