Trying to see if I could find the previous owner of this bike, from about maybe 8 years back.....

This bike was sold to a dealership i believe in tampa florida, bought from a guy who seafoamed this bike twice a month, sat in his garage for a while, noticed I had the same loping sound as him in my idle in one of his videos.

1982 gs650glz with the two tone blue paint with gold pinstripes, a tiny tear on the seat on the left side right before the passenger seat seam is, left side fairing has to be zipties on, it was completely stock except the baffles were taken out and was a beauty, looked brand new.

I'm not sure if the dealers made it look brand new because it'd cost alot of money in chrome and they need a profit.

I just want to know if the PO before the guy on YouTube and dealer know what is up with this bike, maybe it'd help.

It was owned by like 4 people each about a year, I want to be the one who finished it.