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Thread: 2014 CB500F Oil Filter question

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    Default 2014 CB500F Oil Filter question

    Hey there. About to change the oil on my bike, had ordered an oil filter off Amazon. The part number for the Honda OEM filter is 15410-MFJ-D01. (Maybe I can buy new filter? I want to buy good, I won money on the UK kasyna online that I found on the Casinority PL)
    Catch is that once I received my order, saw that the part number on the filter I received is 15400-PLM-A02. I'm thinking this is most likely a shipping mistake?
    However, I noticed that it's only a tiny bit taller than what's on the bike(stock) and wanted to know if I could use this filter? I'd rather just do the oil change and ride if all the Honda OEM filters are the same, but I also don't want to mess anything up just because I wanted to save time and skip returning and etc.
    Anyway, Thanks for you help!
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    You know this is is Suzuki forum, right? I wouldn’t be surprised if someone here knows, though.

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    I'd use it. If everything looks the same except a little taller, it should be okay. Maybe take it to a Honda dealership and they may be able to cross check it. 👍
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    15400-PLM-A02 is an automotive filter. It fits a large variety of Honda cars. I'm not sure if it would fit and work on a motorcycle but I'd return it and ask for the proper PN filter for your bike.

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    Odds are it's fine, but "odds are" wouldn't be good enough for me without some sort of confirmation from Honda experts.

    Honestly, I'd head to an actual Honda motorcycle dealer and buy the correct one.

    That way, you know you've got the genuine articles, and you could compare the filter and packaging directly with yours to determine whether it's a counterfeit.

    Counterfeit "OEM" oil filters and other parts are absolutely rampant on scAmazon. Unless the part was sold by and shipped from a legit brick-and-mortar dealership with a storefront on Amazon, you have to assume it's a fake.

    Or, if the dealer hands you the same thing, then you have an extra for next time.
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