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Thread: GSX 1100G, put question here or somewhere else

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    Default GSX 1100G, put question here or somewhere else

    Not really a GS, but kind'f close. Anyway, My "91" GSX 1100 G started & ran fine appx. a month ago, now, cranks fine but won't even try to start unless Starter fluid sprayed in to the breather, quits as soon as fluid is stopped. This dang thing, & I can't figure why, has an elect. fuel pump. It still has CV carbs, tank is still situated above the carbs, why does it need a fuel pump? I haven't started to figure out the problem yet, but when I turn the key on, I don't hear any pump running, I've had the bike for a few yrs. & in the past I've tried to listen for the pump but have never heard it. Manual shows no fuse for the fuel pump, wondering if it is fused thru the main fuse that is obviously good? Wondering what may happen if I just by-pass the pump? Why would these bikes need anything more than the gravity flow that these old bikes have been running on forever? just looking for ideas.
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    GS Rick just listed one for sale that he bought a few years ago. Maybe he can shed some light on the situation. If I recall he did need to do some work on it.

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