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Thread: Suzuki Guru Ray Rains Post?

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    Send me a head and I will build you one. Then you can see what is involved. About $3500, spigots, big seats, 31/27 stainless valves, guides, valvejob, springs, retainers, epoxied, ported and surfaced. Add $800 more if you want titanium intakes.
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    Thanx Ray for the kind offer . I like to do my own machining and all the work on my own Bikes. I have gotten these old GS s running pretty good but was trying to get a bit more from them. I used to Race them back in the eighties. I was wanting to do my own Head from start to finish. My background is Machining and I am quite fussy .Also by the time you get 3500 from a Canadian with exchange rate and shipping....its stupid amount of money and spending that much on a Old GS makes no sense to myself. I actually made some fixtures for my Tool Room Milling Machine to do large seats. Also have quite some other equipment as well as a Boring Bar and a Hone in my small 1000 square foot hobby shop. Old stuff but operational.

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