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Thread: 2021 Green Mountain Rally (Northeast, formerly the Moosehead ally!)

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    Yes BIG SHOUT OUT TO SCOTT! Dude thanks so much for not letting the torch hit the ground. I really want to ensure I help more so next year, I just can only swing Friday and Saturday night because of work this time of year... Really enjoyed the one on one ride Saturday and just the conversations.

    I'm down for a May event. Issue is Commencement and Year end crap for the college. May and September are really the worst months for me for work but I might be able to swing something out.

    Shan on the ride home was like... I'm bummed I didn't show up Saturday night to see everyone. She was happy to see you Skippy, I think she was bummed to miss Lyle, Lynn and Jethro.

    Also baby Jedz is due in February, I go on Maternity for a month, Fly to Hawaii to be a groomsman in Henry's wedding in April (Yeah Henry is marrying a hot doctor, not kidding you). So if we do get together in early or mid May I might be able to swing out, who knows I've never had a newborn before.

    Also if we want to do another mid winter hang out say in December that would be fun, my place has room now... Want to meet more central maybe we could convince Jethro to put us up.

    Glad you made it home Skippy, it was great hanging man. We need to move these hangout regiments to more than just once a year.

    Keep in touch!
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    I made it home safely too. Thanks for the shout out but it's you guys that makes this rally a blast!!
    So much so that next year Skip wants to set up at least 2 more meets during the Spring and Summer (in addition to the September rally). We talked about starting with a 2-night accommodation (Fri and Sat) early May (hopefully not conflicting with commencement), and another meet in June or July. So check back here for updates.

    For next year (#19), I'm going to try to reserve Mudbrook at Lily Bay campground in Greenville ME (aka the original Moosehead), at the usual weekend following Labor Day, September 8, 9, 10, and 11, 2022. Plan B will be at Coolidge if Lily Bay isn't available. Depending on numbers, I'll either try for the Pavillion or more Lean-to's.

    Special call out to Skip and Jethro - 18 years consecutive attendance starting with Rally #1!!
    It's been said, but it was nice to see Lynn finally have a chance to make an appearance with Lyle. Brenda came with Andy for her second or third rally, and Shannon made a cameo appearance this year too!
    Ed came from Gilford to make a cameo appearance on Friday - awesome to see you Ed!!
    Keith was on his way to make an appearance but got side-tracked when another biker broke down and needed some assistance. Sorry we missed you but stopping to help a fellow rider in need is continuing to lead by example - good job Keith!
    And Steve (Lurch) rode out with Skip and I Thursday and stayed the night - unexpected, but great to spend some time with him!

    All in all, a great weekend. Everyone arrived and returned home safely with tons of laughs in between. Thank you to all !!
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