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Thread: What do you wash your car with?

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    Default What do you wash your car with?

    I am not exactly fastidious about maintaining the appearance of my vehicles. Since I bought my Prius back in 2017 it only got washed when I took it in for dealer servicing to maintain warranty. That ran out at the end of last year and I noticed the surface is starting to get a little crusty. I tried a drive through car wash. I can say it was a learning experience but I am aware of more entertaining ways of wasting my money.

    I went out to the garage and found a jug of Blue Coral Wash and Wax that I vaguely remember buying at the Walmart a couple of years ago. But before diving into the task I thought it wise to first consult our GSR panel of experts.

    What have you found works best and lasts longest for washing and waxing your vehicles? Do you use the same product(s) on your bikes as on your cars/trucks?

    Has anyone used the Simoniz GlassCoat product? Ir does not seem to be short on hype.
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    I take my car throught the local drive-thru place. For about the price of three washes, you can wash an unlimited number of times per month. It's on my way home from work, so it's not even out of the way. No problems so far.
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    Meguiars never steered me wrong

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    Armor All Ultrashine at the moment for my Tacoma and wife's Elantra...but I've always liked/used McGuiars

    McGuiars wash keeps the paint from long as McGuiars car wax is applied periodically when the water stops beating.


    EDIT: Don, I have not used the brand you mentioned.
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    I'm fairly meticulous about keeping my car clean. Mostly because I want the paint to last.

    I use Chemical Guys Mr. Pink car wash and like it. A wash mitt you can put your hand inside makes the job easy.

    A silicone squeegee quickly removes the bulk of water without scratching. Follow up with a terrycloth towel to final dry.

    Lastly, Turtle Wax 53409 Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Spray Coating. You mist it on and rub it all over. Chrome and/or black accent parts are no problem. I keep it off glass though. Once it dries wipe it off. Very simple. The entire car takes about 15 mins to do. Water beads like crazy and the stuff lasts several months. Much easier than the conventional white wax on wax off stuff.

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    I am absolutely meticulous about keeping mine and my wifes vehicles clean.
    Any quality car soap will work fine. I use a Jay Leno product that's awesome.
    Never EVER wash in a circular motion and never EVER dry the paint with rags. It will leave swirl marks. Also, stay out of the automatic car washes.
    Use a leaf blower to dry/disperse the water, preferably an electric one.
    Some of the gas powered blowers use the blower tube as an exhaust outlet, which wont turn out well.
    Happy washing!!

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    I grew up in the self proclaimed "used car capitol of the world" There were auto clean up shops on almost every corner and their Go To was Wisk liquid laundry detergent. It was used for exterior and interior surfaces. Cars that came through Murray were highly desired by dealerships because of their pristine looks. (Of course a lot of miles magically disappeared here too but the cars looked Damn good)
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    Bathe your baby with baby shampoo....not so sure I would, (a baby) reading the contents but it's gentle enough for my bike. What it won't take off easily needs petro derived solvents.

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    I'm not real big on keeping things all that shiny, but when I do I use my 6'5" grandson and dawn soap, with NewFinish for the finish.

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