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Thread: Tapping noise coming from engine at 4000 RPM - Suzuki GS550ES

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    Default Tapping noise coming from engine at 4000 RPM - Suzuki GS550ES

    Hi All,

    So i finally got my bike running great and I have put around 100 miles on the motorcycle. The only problem is that when im in 5th/6th gear around 40mph or above and when im hitting 3900rpm or higher, the engine makes an audible clicking/tapping noise that is only heard as soon as I twist the throttle. It pretty much goes away as soon as i let the throttle go even when im above 4000rpm. I have checked my valve clearances and its at .04 which is within spec. Cam chain looks tight and the bike only has 3300 miles on it so Im not sure if excessive wear could cause a noise like this. I also checked the exhaust which was not put back on correctly and was extremely loose but after tightening that up the noise still persists. Does anyone have any idea what might cause this kind of noise? Or is this kind of noise normal for these GS series engines? Thanks for all the help.


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    It could be ping. Lower octane fuel can cause this, and there's not much to be done about it. I had some pinging with my GS110EZ which I improved some with colder plugs. It never went away completely.
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    I've never heard any ping on my 11EZ, but opening the throttle wide in top gear at such a slow (engine & mph) speed is the sort of thing that would produce detonation ('ping'). So maybe try not twisting the throttle too greatly below 4K rpm. It's only a 550 (sorry), so it could be you're lugging it.
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    Could be lean letting. After it makes the noise try pulling the plugs and look at the color.

    It may be an exhaust gasket leak, they sometimes make some funny tapping noise.
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