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Thread: Work on my car tire bike

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    Default Work on my car tire bike

    I have been slowly collecting parts to finish what should be my quickest and fastest bike build ever for me.
    I picked up an older Paul Gast pro stock chassis a few years back. I have been working on the motor for over 3 years now. I am wanting to go really Quick. So I built a 1540cc 15 to 1 motor. It has Lazer level 5 31/26 valve head with 44mm spickets, .430/.390 cams, 44mm Lectrons carbs, crank has billet big end with 750 gear ratio and Falcon rods, 123 auto trans, MTC slider clutch. I went with the Firestorm ignition with the Energy coils. 125 hp NX nitrous system. I have done all assembly of this bike myself including the wiring.
    I ran into a set back with the back wheel having a broken register and being to narrow for the tire I am using. I got my new wheels in the mail yesterday. Yes I did say wheels. ( I just couldn’t get a back wheel and not have the front match. My CDO got the best of me.)
    It won’t be long before I go to test it. Hopefully she’ll run some 4.80’s on the motor and 4.50 spraying it.
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    According to one of those generalized calculators a 4.80 in the 1/8th translates to a 7.60 in the 1/4.
    Wow! can't imagine how that would feel.
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    woo hoo! Keep us posted on your progress!!

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